When I brought balloons into my floral and gift business 20 years ago little did I realize how it would develop into such a passion of creativity. This creativity has given me the opportunity to open many new doors in my life and proudly brought me numerous industry awards including 2009 Design of the Year and an amazing amount of fantastic experiences.

This year Design Street Studios is celebrating 20 years of bringing the magic of balloons to the Westside and the surrounding Los Angeles area. From our beaches to the studios, from businesses and schools, to private events in your home, when there's a celebration it's time for balloons!

Whether you're 1, 20, 50 or 101, balloons bring wonder and joy to people everywhere. I look forward to bringing the same feelings of wonder and joy to you and your event.

Linda Soto

Some important information regarding balloons.

Even though our latex balloons are totally biodegradable we encourage the proper disposal of all balloons.

We practice the California Balloon Law of weighting all our foil (mylar) balloons and never allowing any to be released into the sky. Foil balloons have the potential of causing power outages and fires when they come in contact with power lines. We encourage you to follow this law and never release a foil balloon into the atmosphere. 

Balloons are a choking hazard to children. Never let a child put balloons in their mouth and pick up all broken balloons and pieces and dispose of properly.

Because of our close proximity to the ocean and our concern for the environment we do not offer balloon releases but we do offer tether and release options. Ask for details.

We work hard at Design Street Studios to do our part to help Reuse, Recycle and Repurpose.
Let's all do our part to keep balloons a wonderful part of our world!

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